Saarman Construction is devoted to satisfying You, our clients. We think the best way to do that is to repair/rehabilitate Your buildings safely, with longevity and health as the highest priority. This methodology stands the test of time.

Saarman will assist in creating the best revitalized first impression for your visitors and clients. We know that every moment your building stands, is a precious opportunity to present your space in the best light possible.

We Care

Saarman takes the time and energy to conduct visual inspections and create recommendation reports on at-risk and aging components unique to your building. We treat Your building with the attention to detail and consideration usually reserved for national monuments.

Replace, Repair, Upgrade

Your key visual and structural elements need trained and expert eyes. Like a tailor who can notice problems in a single stitch, Saarman can note which piece of a building needs attention. Sometimes, all a building needs is one or more components renewed, for example: roofs, wood, metal or stucco siding, decks, walkways, access ramps, and crucial structural supports, etc.. These details improve a location’s identity, installing a greater sense of pride for anyone who ever comes in contact with the building.



Your Building hates it. It is any construction project’s natural enemy, and therefore, we have taken up arms to fight against this wet scourge. Our experts are constantly vigilant against the dangers that water presents – our obsession is to our clients’ benefit. We bring a comprehensive understanding of waterproofing systems, industry standard thermography equipment and years of experience with the principles of water flow and building design. Your fight against water damage begins with us.