Integrity, Experience, Excellence

As a trusted member of the Bay Area’s business and construction communities, Saarman offers its solid position to provide expert advice and testimony for either plaintiffs or defendants when construction-related information is disputed in court.

We provide credible and impartial information on project costs, alternative designs and support forensic leak detection. Our decades of experience in these areas work wonders for You!

Expert Witness Services

For Your expert witness needs, Saarman brings decades of expertise and a flawless reputation to the witness stand. When we look at a litigation estimate, we treat it as a bid by Saarman to perform the scope of work utilizing our extensive cost database. As you might imagine, this makes us very popular, and has cemented our reputation as an expert witness. We work overtime to make sure our numbers have real-world significance and correlate to hundreds of successfully completed projects.

Ligitation Support

Destructive Testing and Leak Detection

Saarman also provides litigation support services when leak detection is required during a forensic investigation. Leaks are an obsession of ours – water is our most prominent foe in keeping your buildings safe and beautiful. Our systematic and well-documented processes of support involve the latest in calibrated water-testing equipment. Our professionalism has earned us the trust of homeowner associations, multi-family property owners and forensic experts from firms all over the Bay Area.